Poll: Trump Leads by Five; 63% Say Biden Too Old

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The latest presidential election poll pitting former President Donald Trump against President Joe Biden has been published by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies. It’s bad news for Joe Biden: Trump has a 3 point lead in a direct matchup between the two men, which grows to 5 points when RFK Jr., Jill Stein, Cornel West, and an undecided category are added to the field.

With just Trump, RFK Jr. and Biden, Trump maintains a lead of 4 points. The poll was conducted online and queried 2,111 registered voters between March 20-21.

A majority of respondents (63%) said Biden was “too old” to fulfill his presidential duties with 57% calling him unfit for service. Nearly half of the people asked said that Biden’s job performance is getting worse over time. Sixty percent said that electing a mentally unfit president was “dangerous” for America.

Following recent and consistent testimony by former Biden family business associate Tony Bobulinski, 56% of Americans concluded that Biden lied about his involvement in his son’s business deals. A further 71% said he’s impeachable if he was involved in his son’s business deals in China, Ukraine, or Russia. The House Oversight Committee has effectively demonstrated this already.

The poll reported that only a third of respondents believe “the country is on the right track.” A third also reported that the economy was also on the right track. Just 44% of respondents believe the “economy is strong,” while just under half report that their personal finances are getting worse over time. Just over half reported that their personal financial situation was fair or poor.

The poll reported an approval rating of 45% with no noticeable change tracked following the State of the Union address earlier this month. Fifty-five percent reported that they approved of Trump’s presidential performance, and the Republican party had an approval rating of 49%.

The poll did not give a margin of error.

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