Poll: Most Say Biden Has US on Wrong Track

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Over half of the American voters queried by a New York Times/Siena poll said that the country was on the “wrong track” thanks to President Joe Biden. Forty-two percent of the same cohort said Trump’s tenure were “mostly good years.” Just 25% of respondents said the country was on the right track while 65% said the country was headed in the “wrong direction.”

Analysis from the NYT suggested that recollections of Trump’s administration have improved over time, especially when voters are queried in the context of crime, immigration, and the economy. During the 2020 electoral cycle only 39% of voters said that America was “better off” after Trump took office. Now almost half believe he had a positive impact on the country.

The margins between the two men are as thin as they could be with 46% favoring Trump and 45% favoring Biden, if the election were held today. The poll’s margin of error was 3%, suggesting this question is really a toss-up.

Forty-three percent said they held a favorable opinion on Trump, while just 41% said the same about Biden, again within the margin of error.

Sixty-four percent approved of Trump’s economic impact; 63% disapprove of Biden’s performance on the same issue. Only 4% rated the current economic conditions as excellent, 17% said they were good, 27% fair, and a whopping 52% said the economy was bad.

On the question of Biden’s age, 48% strongly agreed that Biden is too old to be effective as president, 21% somewhat agreed, 14% somewhat disagreed, while 13% strongly disagreed.

Another poll from McLaughlin suggested that President Joe Biden is weaponizing the justice apparatus to garner a Trump conviction before the November contest. Fifty-six percent of one thousand responding voters said that Biden is trying to win by jailing Trump. Thirty percent disagreed with the same sentiments.

When the question was isolated to Republicans exclusively, the number skyrocketed to 86% who believe Biden is weaponizing the justice apparatus to advance his electoral chances. Fifty percent of independents agreed with the sentiments. African Americans, Hispanics, and women agreed 41%, 53% and 53% respectively.

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