Poll Has Trump And Biden In Near Tie

(ConservativeJournal.org) – A recent Ipsos/ABC News poll revealed former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden locked in a near-tie, with Biden slightly ahead. The poll asked 2,260 American voters about their attitudes towards both men with the national conventions just a couple of months away.

Likely voters preferred Biden to Trump, 49% to 45% but Trump slipped past Biden 42% to 40% when the question was expanded to include the independent candidates. Robert F Kennedy, Jr scored 12%, with Cornel West and Jill Stein picking up 2% and 1% respectively. The poll reported a margin of error of 2%.

When registered voters were asked their preference the men landed with a solid 42% each; Biden picked up a few percentage points when including likely but currently unregistered voters.

The poll also suggested Trump could lose some support if he’s convicted in his New York campaign finance trial over payments to Stormy Daniels. The case is largely regarded as a sham among Republicans and serious judicial commentators like law professor Jonathan Turley.

Upwards of 80% of Trump’s voters say they’ll continue to vote for him even if there’s a conviction. The remainder said they’d likely reconsider their vote (16%) or “back away” from voting for him (4%).

Voters overwhelmingly (81%) suggested that Biden’s age was a factor, with Trump being mentally sharper and in better physical health. Just over a third (35%) said they approved of Biden’s performance in office with 57% disapproving. A significant chunk (43%) suggested their personal finances were better during Trump.

Trump was preferred over Biden when asked about the economy, crime, immigration, foreign policy, and the Israel-Hamas war. Biden was preferred on abortion access and healthcare. Biden has also lost significant support from black voters under 50 and both Trump and Biden are running roughly equivalent among independents (40-42%).

Biden had 11 points on Trump from moderate voters, but Trump had 45 points over Biden when financially consistent voters were asked their preference.

Trump is slowly advancing on Biden as we get closer to November in a variety of polls.

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