Pink To Give Away “Banned” Books During Tour In Florida

( – If readers were under the impression that there would be a temporary reprieve from what many consider to be the nationwide mainstream media onslaught of stories about LGBTQ indoctrination in public school libraries, they would be wrong. The pop singer who goes by the moniker Pink has brought the issue back into the headlines.

According to reports, Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, is a staunch critic of what has come to be known colloquially as Florida’s “don’t say gay” legislation. Moore is so apparently opposed to it that she has announced her intention to distribute thousands of “banned” books covered under the bill during her upcoming Sunshine State gigs.

Moore is currently on tour and has three more concerts scheduled in the state in Sunrise and Orlando for the 15th, 18th and 19th of November. On November 12, the singer took part in an Instagram Live broadcast and said she had partnered with PEN America to hand out 2,000 of the restricted titles.

During her internet appearance, Pink explained to fans and critics alike that books had always brought her “a special joy.” She told viewers that she refuses “to stand by” while schools in Florida ban certain titles, especially those that address issues of racism and gender.

According to Moore, the nation has come too far in its struggle for equality and anything other than forward progress would be to the detriment of otherwise marginalized children. She described both herself and her children as “voracious readers” and said she was unable to imagine living in a world where someone dictates what can and cannot be read.

On November 13, the now-famous Libs of TikTok Twitter account posted a pastiche of images taken from some of the titles Pink is planning to distribute. The selections they chose to highlight contained depictions of graphic acts and how to perform them.

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