PETA’s Coming For Your Kid’s Favorite Carnival Ride

( – PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) may have to change its name after a recent complaint to include “animal-resembling objects.” The infamous animal rights organization is taking aim at a classic form of American entertainment, the carousel.

No longer content to complain about the treatment of real animals, the organization is miffed that animal-like mounts on the revolving ride could “unintentionally celebrate” the fact that animals are lower life forms.

Kansas-based carousel manufacturer Chance Rides received a letter from the organization suggesting the animal designs be replaced with vehicles like cars, trucks, and space ships or other random creative objects like stars, rainbows, or a witch’s broom. Christians may take offense at that last one.

PETA’s letter highlighted the fact that “children learn through play” and implied that having them ride animal-resembling objects would somehow teach the children that those animals lack emotions or don’t experience pain. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said that the change could “help create” more justice and mercy in the world without elaborating on specifics like how that would work.

The company was founded in 1961 and per statements on its website, says they build carousels to help bring people together for a brief, magical moment. They hope that their rides can inspire wonder, create fond memories, or even help riders fall in love.

The company added that their rides are “painstakingly crafted” and are custom-made with sizing and scenery specific to their customers’ requests.

PETA likes to send letters to make demands of people. They sent a recent letter to Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters wherein they asked to have the “Ten Vegan Commandments” posted in classrooms around the state.

Walters responded in a video post to X wherein he described the request and said he had “a special response.” In the video, Walters presented a bag from Burger King and took a bite from a burger he pulled out of the bag. Afterward, he said that “the burgers are great” in his state and invited them for lunch “anytime.”

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