NYC Set To Sue The Bus Companies That Brought Illegal Immigrants Into The City

( – The City of New York is launching a civil suit against the 17 bus companies that have been transporting illegals to Manhattan over the past 18 months or so. Democratic Mayor Eric Adams made the announcement that the suit was filed on January 4th. Local NYC law prohibits the intentional transport of needy people into the city for the purposes of getting them government aid.

In his statement on the matter, Adams argued that NYC can’t afford to house all the illegals that have come to the city as a result of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s “reckless political ploy” to force so-called sanctuary cities to live up to their claims of wanting to house illegals.

NYC is suing the bus companies for a whooping $700 million in damages: the cost of housing, feeding, and providing all kinds of services to the illegals. The suit argues that the companies were acting with “bad faith” and “evil intent” as they’re paid more to transport illegals than the standard fare for a one-way ticket.

Citing public records acquired through the Texas Public Information act, the suit said that the bus companies were getting approximately ~$1,650 per illegal migrant while the typical fare for a similar ticket from Texas to NYC would run a normal traveler just under $300.

Abbott began shipping illegals to major cities in August 2022 as a response to claims from Democrat leaders that their cities were “sanctuary cities” where the local authorities wouldn’t aid federal ones looking to deport illegals. The trend became popular during Trump’s presidency.

Adams is desperate for help and the Biden administration hasn’t responded to any of his requests for assistance. The mayors of Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York have all issued complaints about the number of illegals inundating their cities.

Adams recently issued an executive order which prohibits buses from dropping illegals off in the city without making advanced arrangements with officials. The bus companies typically deposited illegals in Manhattan at the Port Authority Bus Terminal or in the surrounding areas at all hours of the day and night. Some of the bus companies decided to drop off illegals at train stations in nearby New Jersey instead.

The number of illegals flooding New York City has now soared well past a hundred thousand, it’s unclear how many are currently getting public assistance, but it’s estimated that the costs associated with the crisis will run the city over $12 billion by the end of the 2025 fiscal year.

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