NYC Moves Illegal Immigrants To High School Due To Weather Concerns

( – New York City officials are now canceling in person education, forcing students to go remote, so they can house illegal immigrants in their school’s gym. The tent-based shelter at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field wasn’t sufficient, due to high winds and storm conditions, claim officials.

On Tuesday, January 9th roughly 2,000 illegals were relocated into the gymnasium at James Madison High School after students were sent home early with instructions for remote learning for the following day. Don’t be misled, however, there’s no indication for how long the students will be forced out of the building.

A local resident criticized the move, claiming that the officials were using the storm as an excuse. He anticipated the illegals would be housed there for months. The man, only identified by his first name, Rob, said that thousands of strangers have been dropped into his neighborhood, and he has no idea who they are.

City Hall spokeswoman Kayla Mamelak claimed the move was temporary until weather conditions improved. She added that the “proactive measure” was being enacted to “ensure the safety” of the illegals while ignoring the detriment to the American students being displaced.

NYC Councilwoman Inna Vernikov (R) blasted the move, suggesting a school is not an acceptable housing location. She’s also a representative for the area and added that her constituents are being unduly burdened by the shift. Vernikov demanded “a full stop” and future prohibition from using schools as migrant housing.

One mom lambasted the migrants as they got off buses and entered the building. She asked if they were happy they were canceling school for kids and sarcastically suggested she hoped they get a good night’s rest. Another local man asked how they felt about stealing tax funds.

Mamelak said the migrants will be housed at the school until the weather stabilizes.

Republican Councilwoman Joann Ariola (Queens) said she’d warned the city officials that this was going to be a problem from the beginning and her words went ignored.

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