NPR’s CEO Criticized Over Progressive Tweets

( – National Public Radio Chief Executive Officer Katherine Maher is getting flak for old social media posts wherein she attacked Donald Trump as well as other progressive commentary which is being highlighted as an example of the network’s left-leaning bias. Senior Business Editor Uri Berliner was suspended by the progressive organization for pointing out Maher’s leftwing bonafides in an April 9 essay laying out why NPR has lost listeners’ trust.

Berliner wrote the simple truth that NPR employees “have comfortably coalesced” with leftwing politics. Following Berliner’s article, The New York Times published a series of deleted tweets by Maher betraying her political affiliation.

One of the tweets is from 2018 wherein she called Trump a “racist.” In another deleted tweet from November 2020, she shared a selfie wearing a hat with Joe Biden’s campaign logo on it. A Ted Talk she gave also suggested she prioritizes “common ground” and “getting things done” over the truth.

Maher also detailed a dream that she had wherein she took a road trip with Vice President Kamala Harris and the pair sampled baklava and different nuts from little roadside stands, to demonstrate her level of subconscious familiarity with the current administration.

Maher said that NPR journalists were equally entitled to free speech while claiming the organization was independent and unaligned with either political party or financial interests.

NPR officials stated that Berliner was suspended for five days without pay starting on April 12. NPR also announced monthly internal reviews, suggesting that there is a leftwing code of conduct within the organization. NPR claimed the suspension wasn’t due to the content of the article but rather his failure to secure NPR-approval before doing outside work. He was informed this was his final warning and next time he would be fired.

Berliner highlighted multiple examples of leftwing bias at the organization in his controversial piece including coverage of the pandemic, gender ideology, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Berliner also claimed Maher was not a uniter who will bring more people into the NPR tent which he suggested is what the organization needs right now. Maher pushed back against Berliner’s comments in a memo to NPR staff wherein she called his criticism “profoundly disrespectful, hurtful, and demeaning.”

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