North Korea Sends Balloons Filled With Trash Over The Border

( – North Korea has started sending bags full of trash attached to balloons as a new tactic against South Korea.

The South Korean military began noticing balloons flying across the border earlier this week. Nearly 200 bags of trash have entered South Korea during the week since then.

Local governments in the northern provinces of South Korea have alerted residents about these “unidentified objects”, and advised them to avoid any type of outdoor activities. According to some officials, the balloons can be dangerous. They can potentially affect power lines or cause injuries if they pop right above people, leaving the trash to plummet to the ground below.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un and a senior official, defended the actions and called it freedom of expression. She compared this endeavor to South Korea’s tendency to send propaganda leaflets or play Kpop music across the border.

Despite a 2020 South Korean law which makes sending these types of objects across the border illegal, activists, including defectors, continue to send them to the North. Just earlier this month, an organization created by Park Sang Hak, a defector from North Korea, sent 20 balloons carrying 300,000 leaflets condemning Kim Jong Un and thousands of USB sticks with Kpop music. According to Kim Yo Jong, these provocations are the main reason for North Korea sending the trash-filled balloons.

The 2020 ban also stopped loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts, a tactic once used by the South Korean military. Despite the law, activists remain committed to their cause, aiming to provide North Koreans with glimpses of the outside world.

Kim Yo Jong also criticized the joint US-South Korea military drills. She called them provocations that warrant North Korean retaliation. Kim emphasized that any violation of North Korea’s interests or security would be met with immediate action against the US and any allies in the region.

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