North Korea Launches Nuclear Counterattack Simulations

( – According to North Korean news sources, the country recently tested a nuclear simulation counter-attack drill. This is the first time the country has ever conducted a drill like this under Kim Jong Un.

The purpose of the drill is to test the country’s ability to counterattack and also to showcase the strength and versatility of its nuclear capabilities. It also served as a clear warning to perceived adversaries, particularly as the US and South Korea strengthen their alliance.

During the drill, North Korea launched three short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off its eastern coast. The launches were detected by South Korean and Japanese military forces. These missiles traveled nearly 200 miles before landing between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, indicating that they have the potential to reach South Korea.

Photographs from the event depicted Kim Jong Un observing the missile launches from an observation post. According to KCNA, the rockets showed that NK has the capability for swift transition into a nuclear counterattack mode and showcased their so-called enhanced rocket launching capabilities. This event showed North Korea is fully confident in its nuclear strategies, which allows for a first nuclear strike if the country faces existential threats, similar to Russia’s doctrine.

However, South Korean officials remain uncertain whether North Korea has developed nuclear warheads small enough to be mounted on the rockets they used. Analysts note that North Korea’s rockets are more like ballistic missiles rather than normal artillery due to their self-propulsion and guidance systems.

North Korea has been testing these types of weapons for years now. There have been events in the past where they launched missiles into the Sea of Japan and other waters near South Korea and islands near it. This recent development underscores North Korea’s commitment to maintaining a credible nuclear deterrent in the face of perceived external threats.

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