North Korea Claims Successful Test to Develop Multiple Warhead Missile

( – According to its state media, KCNA, North Korea has successfully tested a missile capable of delivering multiple warheads. This claim has been dismissed by South Korea as an attempt to cover up a failed launch. South Korea’s military observed what appeared to be a hypersonic missile launch by North Korea, which exploded midair.

The North Korean report stated that the missile managed to separate warheads, and all of them reached their targets. However, South Korea’s military concluded that the missile exploded early in its flight.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson, Lee Sung-joon, stated that North Korea’s claims were deceptive and exaggerated, and that the pictures released by North Korea from the test are either fake or reused from old missile tests.

South Korea, Japan, and the US condemned the launch, calling it a violation and a threat to peace in the area. They cautioned against further provocations, especially following the recent summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In response, the three countries initiated large-scale joint military drills on Thursday, June 27, involving jets, an aircraft carrier, and multiple navy destroyers. The point of the drills is to buff up defenses in the area in retaliation to North Korea’s recent testing. North Korea criticized the arrival of the carrier as a dangerous display of force.

During Putin’s visit to North Korea the two leaders signed a mutual defense pact, which Kim hailed as an alliance. However, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol dismissed it as outdated. On the same day of the visit between Putin and Kim, South Korea announced sanctions against Russian shipping companies and Russian ships for illegally importing petroleum for weapons production.

In another KCNA report, defense minister from NK, Kang Sun Nam, condemned Ukraine’s attack on Crimea using ATACMS missiles supplied from the US. The attack killed four and injured hundreds. He criticized this attack as heinous, saying the US supports terrorism.

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