Nikki Haley is Still Getting Votes in Primaries

( – Even though former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley stopped her presidential campaign earlier this year, she is still getting votes in the Republican primaries against Donald Trump. Although not outright dangerous for Trump, some experts believe this could be a wakeup call for his campaigning efforts.

In recent primaries, Haley secured 20% of the vote in Maryland, 18% in Nebraska, and 9.5% in West Virginia. Last week in Indiana, she earned 21% of the vote. Despite Trump’s clear victories in these states, Haley’s significant share suggests lingering opposition within the GOP.

During her campaign, Haley attracted voters from all parties and viewpoints, including Republicans against Trump and moderates. This chipped away at the former president’s dominance in primary polls.

As Haley’s campaign, now dubbed a “zombie campaign”, continues to gain traction, Trump might face challenges if he fails to address dissatisfied Republicans who could reject him in the general election. With several swing states potentially decided by narrow margins, this discontented faction within the GOP could potentially sway the outcome. Another obstacle to consider are the many different criminal charges that Donald Trump has yet to deal with. These have also alienated some of his GOP supporters.

Grant Reeher, a political science professor at Syracuse University, noted that Haley’s ongoing support after the suspension of her campaign could show that many traditional Republican voters are not fully behind Trump. While their exact intentions in the general election cannot be predicted, even a slight decrease in support could impact Trump’s prospects of winning, especially in battleground states.

The question of whether Haley’s supporters will eventually vote for Biden or go for a third-party candidate, such as RFK, remains unknown. Biden’s campaign, however, has faced criticism from key demographics, including black, young, and Hispanic voters. He has also lost some support regarding his response to the conflict in Gaza.

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