Nikki Haley Embarrassed in Nevada Primary

( – Nikki Haley’s embarrassing setback in the Nevada primary on Tuesday, February 6, has dealt a huge blow to her campaign. Despite being seen as less likely to win against Trump, recent financial support gave some hope to her supporters that she might be able to narrow the gap with him in her home state’s primary on February 28.

However, this loss might signal the beginning of the end. Her loss to the “none of these candidates” option in Nevada shows that even if she wins in her home state, she does not have enough backing to face against Trump for the GOP primary.

GOP strategist Brian Seitchik interprets Haley’s loss in Nevada as evidence of Trump’s massive popularity within the Republican party.

While a win in the state-run primary would have held symbolic value for Haley, her loss is notable as she was the only prominent active candidate on the ballot after Senator Tim Scott and former Vice President Mike Pence withdrew. She essentially had no competition, and still lost.

Despite concerns about Haley’s loss, her campaign manager, Betsy Ankney, emphasized they do not trust Nevada‚Äôs voting system, implying it is rigged. Haley’s decision not to focus on the primaries in Nevada has raised eyebrows, as simple campaigning could have helped prevent such a loss.

As Trump is anticipated to win the Thursday caucuses, he heads into South Carolina with victories in the first three early states, having defeated Haley in Iowa and New Hampshire. Polling averages indicate a significant lead for Trump over Haley in South Carolina and a substantial national lead heading into Super Tuesday.

Some strategists suggest Haley could salvage a strong showing in South Carolina if she trails Trump by a modest margin. However, others argue that only an unlikely outright win could spare her from embarrassment and determine the future course of her campaign. As the last candidate challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, Haley faces an uphill battle.

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