New Yorkers are Blaming Migrants For City’s Crime

( – People living in New York City are blaming the city’s high crime rates on the recent influx of migrants, according to a new poll.

The Newsweek poll surveyed 970 people living in New York City. It asked about different things, including opinions on crime and the impact of immigration on the state and city. The results show that nearly 75 percent of respondents blame migrants for the city’s crime rate. Most of the other voters believe immigration is at least somewhat involved in the increase of crime across the city.

The NYPD has argued against this poll and released data showing there was a quarter decrease in shooting incidents and a big decline in shooting victims. The data also indicated a moderate decrease in most violent crimes. Despite this decrease, recent incidents involving migrants have made the public concerned. In February, NYPD officers were attacked by a group of undocumented migrants, which sparked outrage.

The New York Post recently revealed that the six migrants who had been detained in relation to the Times Square attack against the police officers were given plea offers. Eight more migrants were arrested last month after squatting in a Bronx residence. During a search of the basement apartment, the NYPD found guns and a large amount of drugs. Six of the eight arrested were released without bail.

Former FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer has made a statement to various news outlets, saying that increased migration has in fact correlated with rises in criminal activity in some states. However, Coffindaffer argued that in densely populated areas like New York, there will always be a large amount of crime simply due to many people living in condensed areas.

Despite NYPD statistics showing a decline in crime, the perception among many New York City residents remains that the influx of migrants is increasing crime in the city. The fact that many of these migrants were recently bussed to NYC because of political squabbles from southern states only makes the situation worse.

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