New Lawsuit Accuses Biden Of Censoring Conservatives

( – A new lawsuit filed on behalf of The Federalist, The Daily Wire, nonprofit organization the New Civil Liberties Alliance, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton alleges President Biden’s State Department attempted to censor their politically protected speech online.

The filing highlights how the Global Engagement Center (GEC), a group under the State Department, secured funding for the Global Disinformation Index which is a third-party organization that curated an “exclusion list” of accounts that posted “disinformation.” The group also worked with the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) to determine what speech was acceptable online in advance of the 2020 election.

Newsmax CEO Christopher Rudd has previously chastised groups like these for disproportionately maligning conservative outlets. He said that the New York Times and CNN get consistently high scores across the board, whether it’s on YouTube or NewsGuard, despite being caught deceiving their audiences multiple times.

Rudd pointed out that CNN had numerous scandals within recent years, specifically highlighting how they pushed the leftist conspiracy theory that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to facilitate the election of Donald Trump.

The new lawsuit alleges that GEC has violated the First Amendment and gone well-beyond its purview in facilitating the censorship of conservative voices. The suit points out that the defendants have no legal authority to censor certain perspectives or fund censorship organizations.

X (Twitter) published a warning about NewsGuard recently, suggesting they were biased due to the for-profit nature of their business. The warning made it clear that you couldn’t access NewsGuard’s “research” that justifies their ratings without paying for it.

Musk also had X lawyers sue Media Matters over its malicious attempt to defame X by artificially curating a feed that showed major brand advertisements adjacent to inflammatory extremist content. Media Matters employees created an account and followed inflammatory content intentionally to make the misrepresentation that extremism is much more common on X than it actually is. This is the legal definition of defamation – malicious lies designed to hurt the finances of the target.

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