Neurological Study Finds Disorders Increasing Worldwide

( – The medical journal The Lancet has recently published a study that revealed neurological conditions, spanning from migraines to dementia, have become a primary cause of health issues globally. These conditions have caused over 11 million deaths in 2021.

According to the study, nearly half of the world’s population had some sort of neurological disorder in 2021. It also noted that over the last three decades these numbers have increased sharply.

Researchers noted a nearly 20% increase in the total number of disabilities, illnesses, and deaths because of these neurological conditions. The increase is mostly caused by things such as population growth and longer life expectancy. Lifestyle choices and environmental factors like poor nutrition and pollution also played a part.

In the UK, one in six people has some sort of neurological condition, with almost 3 million people coping with the aftermaths of strokes or brain injuries. As of now, nearly one million people in the UK are living with dementia, a number that’s expected to grow even larger.

Tension headaches and migraines were the most prevalent neurological disorders in the study. According to the research, they make up about 3 billion cases by themselves globally.

The study also highlighted the rising incidence of nerve damage from diabetes, which mirrors the recent surge in type 2 diabetes cases. Furthermore, they were looking at disorders like autism, which has a detrimental effect on people regarding life expectancy.

Their research also showed global health concerns, with 80% of neurological deaths concentrated in poor and developing countries. The countries with the highest number of deaths were usually in the Middle East or in Africa. While most of the deaths occur in non-western countries, the amount of people in the West facing these same issues is huge.

Preventive measures targeting risk factors, such as high blood pressure, were identified as crucial in mitigating the onset of most of these conditions.

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