Network Pulls Funding From Nikki Haley After 4th Straight Loss

( – A Charles Koch-backed organization, Americans For Prosperity Action (AFP), has announced that it will shift its focus away from monetarily supporting Nikki Haley in the Republican presidential primary.

The reason they decided to stop the funding is Haley’s recent string of defeats. Her defeat in her home state of South Carolina was the nail in the coffin. The decision was officially announced in an internal email by the CEO of the organization, Emily Seidel. In the email she emphasized that the organization wants to shift focus to the primary race.

While maintaining confidence in their endorsement and support for Haley, Seidel acknowledged the challenges ahead in the upcoming primary states. The decision reflects a belief that external groups may not significantly impact Haley’s chances of success. Seidel expressed AFP’s commitment to Haley’s continued efforts, despite the changing dynamics of the primary race.

In response, the Haley campaign expressed gratitude to Americans For Prosperity, acknowledging them as an ally in their pursuit of freedom and presidency. They appreciated the significant assistance received from the organization and affirmed their determination to continue the fight. Haley’s campaign also noted they still have substantial support from other donors.

Americans For Prosperity had invested heavily in infrastructure to oppose Haley’s rival, former President Donald Trump. Their efforts included going door to door and digital advertisements, with Seidel praising their operations as a formidable force that engaged millions of voters.

Having stayed out of the 2016 and 2020 elections, the organization was able to drum up a lot of monetary resources to boost Haley’s campaign. While there are no figures regarding the exact amount spent on the campaign, the organization reported raising nearly $75 million as of June 2023.

As AFP shifts its focus, Seidel highlighted the challenge of convincing independent voters, reluctant to support Trump, to back other Republican candidates in these races.

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