Netanyahu Issues Scary Warning to Hamas

( – Amidst a sea of both criticism and national unity, Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to kill every last member in the Hamas hierarchy. Each fighter in the terrorist organization will be a “dead man,” he said in an October 12 address. Before readers discount his words as hyperbole, they should be aware of Netanyahu’s military history.

Bibi, as he is known casually in the Jewish State, took his nation’s national military service obligation to the next level. Instead of merely serving his mandatory 32 months, he joined his country’s equivalent of the U.S. Delta Force. Sayeret Matkal, like Delta, is a “tier 1” outfit that many consider to be on par with the British S.A.S.

The unit is famous for having pulled off the unthinkable on a number of occasions, though many of their operations are undoubtedly the classified variety that no one will ever hear about. They are perhaps best known for what they accomplished in Uganda in 1976 after Palestinian and German terrorists hijacked a passenger jet full of Israeli citizens.

Troops with Sayeret Matkal flew to the African nation in a transport aircraft disguised as a non-Jewish diplomatic envoy. Once they were on the ground, they killed all the terrorists and successfully rescued 102 hostages. Benjamin Netanyahu’s older brother, Yonatan, was one of the special forces troops that was killed during the raid.

During his recent address, the prime minister likened Hamas to “beasts” and “barbarians.” In what appeared to be a reference to the alleged beheadings of Israeli babies, Netanyahu said his nation was facing “a cruel enemy” that is “worse than ISIS.”

His address was given as Israeli Defense Forces continued to build up around the Gazan border in preparation for what seems to be an imminent invasion.

A few hours after Netanyahu’s address, Israeli aircraft reportedly began dropping tens of thousands of leaflets over Gaza warning residents to immediately evacuate the area.

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