NBC Executive: Barron Trump ‘Fair Game’ at 18

(ConservativeJournal.org) – A former senior executive with NBC Universal started a firestorm of controversy on X (formerly Twitter) when he suggested that Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, was “fair game,” on March 20. Wednesday marked Barron Trump’s 18th birthday.

Barron Trump is the only child of former First Lady Melania and Donald Trump. Trump remains the presumptive Republican nominee and is currently leading Biden in several polls. Sington posted a short comment with a picture of Barron Trump and his father, noting that the young man had turned 18 which he suggested meant “he’s fair game now.”

The internet reacted with a firestorm of suggestion that the former NBC employee is a child predator. The post was deleted but the internet is forever.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk called it “disgusting,” and highlighted that Sington has previously referred to himself as “Hollywood’s ultimate insider.”

Libs of TikTok shared additional posts from Sington dated in 2017 and 2018 which had various pictures of a younger Barron Trump. She suggested that Sington has an obsession with the former president’s son going back years.

Sington told Newsweek that he didn’t wish harm on the boy, but rather he was suggesting that Barron is now open to being criticized in the press.

A number of eerie pedophile busts in major media in recent years have given commentators more willingness to suggest predatory intent when comments appear to indicate a sexual interest in teenagers.

John Griffin worked for CNN shortly before he pleaded guilty to grooming a nine-year-old girl for abuse. Phil Drechsler was an NBC producer for a Santa Clarita affiliate in California before he was nailed with federal charges for distributing over 100 pictures and videos of child abuse material over the internet. Former ABC producer James Gordon Meek pleaded guilty to charges regarding his possession and distribution of child abuse material in early 2023. Meek resigned from ABC in 2022 after an FBI raid located evidence of his misdeeds.

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