Musk Says He Won’t Vote For Biden Or Haley

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​( – Tech mogul Elon Musk said he won’t be voting for Nikki Haley or Joe Biden in the 2024 electoral race for U.S. President during an interview on Wednesday, November 29th in New York City. Musk was being interviewed for The New York Times Dealbook Summit 2023. The remarks came after the host suggested Musk was protecting the environment with the success of Tesla and its electric cars.

He then inquired about why Musk went to a fundraiser for Vivek Ramaswamy who advocates that climate change is largely hysterical alarmist and not a substantial concern.

Musk said he was curious about Ramaswamy’s perspective and wanted to hear him out. He also indicated that Ramaswamy’s talking points have been “pretty solid.”

Musk had previously indicated his support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last year but didn’t make an official endorsement. He pointed out that he still has not made an official endorsement. Musk expressed concern over the federal government infringing on First Amendment rights and suggested it was a fundamental issue for the future of governance in the U.S.

He explained that the founding fathers had engineered the Constitution such that the ability to freely express criticism of the government was enshrined as a fundamental right of all citizens due to oppression for such criticism in other countries.

Musk then said that he wouldn’t vote for Biden, but that the choice between a matchup between Biden and Trump would be a difficult one. When asked about Nikki Haley, Musk expressed her belief that all names on social media should be exposed by law. He the concept “outrageous” and said he wouldn’t vote for a “pro-censorship candidate” like her.

When asked about the recent pullout of advertisers, Musk shrugged them off suggesting he hoped they “don’t advertise” on X and when asked why he felt that way he suggested that he refused to be blackmailed by the lure of advertising revenue. He said folks hoping to should “go f*** yourself.” Reiterating for the audience, he said it a second time, “Go. F***. Yourself.”

He asked if that was clear enough and then said he hoped Bob (Iger, CEO of Disney) was in the audience. A viral edit later spliced in the famous UFC reaction.

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