Mom Who Slit Children’s Throats and Left Them For Dead Hit With 30 Years-To-Life Sentence

( – A 24-year-old New York mother who slit the throats of her two children and left them on the sidewalk has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, almost five years after committing the heinous crime.

In 2019, Shanice Martin cut the throat of her 6-year-old son, Tyzavier Martin, and her 2-year-old daughter with the box cutter and left them unattended at the street corner. Martin went straight to the 42nd Precinct station house with her hands drenched in blood and the cutter still in hands where she surrendered to the law enforcement and admitted the crime. She was then taken to Rikers Island as she faced the years-long trial that ended in her imprisonment.

The children were immediately taken to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and managed to get successful treatment for the time being. As they resumed their normal lives, the boy collapsed and died during his school lunch while standing in a queue with blood and foam coming out of his mouth. Meanwhile, the daughter recovered successfully.

The city medical examiner later revealed that the boy died of the blockage of his airways that happened due to the worsening of his throat wounds.

Bronx District Attorney Darce Clark noted that Martin exhibited extreme cruelty by committing a heinous crime against her own children.

Martin, who suffered from homelessness and has a long history of being a mental health patient and abusing her children, was found guilty of committing second-degree murder for the killing of her son and attempting second-degree murder for trying to kill her daughter.

The Bronx Supreme Court slapped her with 20 years in prison for the murder and an additional ten years for the attempted murder.

She even lost custody of her son in 2014 for two years when she was found neglecting his needs before the Administration for Children’s Services gave her custody back in 2016. The son was living in his father’s custody when he died in the school.

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