Missouri Dems Read Trans Book To Children For ‘National Reading Day’

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Kansas City Democrats advanced gender ideology in a new short video wherein they read “Introducing Teddy,” a book about “gender and friendship.” The theme of the book is choosing your gender, and follows the story of a young boy named Errol and his stuffed bear, Thomas.

Thomas informs Errol that he wants to be a “girl teddy” and Errol tells Thomas that he’ll still be his friend regardless. Thomas then adds a feminine bow to his head to demonstrate his newfound gender identity.

Members of the Missouri Freedom Caucus found the broadcast troubling, and responded by producing a short video of their own wherein they read Daily Wire member Matt Walsh’s “Johnny the Walrus.”

The story by Walsh illustrates the idea that children playing pretend is perfectly normal while adults must maintain reality. Johnny pretends to be a walrus, and his mother is encouraged by “internet people” and doctors to coddle the belief. Eventually Johnny becomes distraught, and a zookeeper kindly informs his mother that he’s just a boy with sticks in his mouth, not a real walrus. Johnny’s mom learns to ignore the internet people and that protecting her son from dangerous behaviors is what’s most important.

The incident highlights a widening gap in American culture between those who believe transgenderism is akin to homosexuality and needs to be accepted (and encouraged) among the youth versus those who believe the ideology is inherently damaging and self-destructive.

“Johnny the Walrus” skyrocketed to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list when it was released in late 2021. Radical leftists with the activist organization Media Matters called the success of his book “totally unacceptable.” They also suggested the book was “anti-trans.”

Activists with the leftist organization GLAAD similarly decried the book. The organization begged to have the book removed from the LGBTQ category claiming it “targets transgender people with hateful and dehumanizing rhetoric.”

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