Migrants Get More Money for Food Than New Yorkers SNAP Benefits

(ConservativeJournal.org) – New York City is set to initiate a program providing pre-paid debit cards to around 500 migrant families with children. The initiative aims to give about $12.50 per card daily, which is around $350 monthly for people to spend on essential items such as food and baby supplies. This amount controversially surpasses the amount given to New Yorkers with low income through SNAP benefits, which is around $291 per month for single households.

The pre-paid debit cards will have restrictions similar to SNAP benefits, limiting purchases to local stores only to ensure the money is only used as intended. Recipients must sign that they will adhere to program guidelines, with violations potentially resulting in removal from the program.

Contrary to rumors suggesting that migrants will be given American Express cards, Adams clarified during a press conference that the pilot program specifically involves pre-paid debit cards and not American Express cards.

The mayor touted the plan as cost effective, eliminating delivery costs associated with providing food aid to asylum seekers. It also aims to address concerns related to food waste when recipients dislike provided meals while boosting the local economy.

Amid a significant influx of migrants, New York City has been working to manage the situation, with over 156,000 migrants arriving between spring 2022 and December 2023, as reported by the city’s Department of Social Services. Adams acknowledged the challenges posed by the migrant crisis, expressing concerns that it could potentially destroy the city, and added that NYC is already vulnerable.

The mayor has faced criticism for decisions related to the accommodation of migrants, including housing migrants in various hotels and relocating some to a Brooklyn high school ahead of a winter storm. Despite challenges, Adams defends the pilot program as an innovative and cost-efficient approach to address the needs of migrants in the city.

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