Mexican Parents Protest by Burning Textbooks

( – Mexican parents have begun organized woke book burnings throughout the country after coming to the conclusion that enough is enough. Though you will see little evidence of it in mainstream media circles, the truth cannot be suppressed and videos of the protests are now making their rounds on social media.

Mexico’s department of education appears to have forgotten that almost 80 percent of their nation is Catholic. The remaining percentage is largely evangelical. Both demographics have taken to the streets together in their thousands to rid their school systems of what they deem to be indoctrination of the “Marxist-communist” variety against their children.

Despite the country being overwhelmingly family-oriented and socially conservative, the Mexican government has reportedly inundated their public school system with books promoting gender confusion and LGBTQ themes. Book burnings were not the first choice for concerned parents.

Groups of outraged families organized a petition drive that collected more than 112,000 signatures demanding the removal of certain books from library shelves. One of their points of contention with the government was that parental consultation was not involved prior to the deployment of the controversial titles.

Despite the mass of collected signatures, the government still took no heed. When asked if education materials were laced with radically progressive ideas, Mexican President Obrador responded with a general statement and said only that “experts” had prepared them. He went on to say that parents were “misinformed.”

In desperation, organized groups of Christians throughout the country took the education of their children into their own hands. 12,000 people attended a single recent event that saw leftist titles gathered, piled up, soaked in fuel and lit on fire.

Some regional authorities have reportedly either taken notice and wish to remain on good terms with their constituents or are of the same mindset as the enraged parents. Many opposition governors are said to be refusing to distribute the government-approved texts in question.

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