McCarthy Shreds Reporter Who Said There’s No Evidence For Impeachment

( – Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy tore into an Associated Press reporter on September 14 after she suggested that Republicans lacked evidence in their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Rather than raise his voice, the GOP leader remained animation-free and calmly responded to Farnoush Amiri’s question with a few questions of his own.

McCarthy’s seemingly effortless exchange provided endless fodder for users on social media. At one point a reporter standing behind him appeared to succumb to chuckling when Amiri found herself unable to sufficiently respond to the Speaker’s return query.

After explaining to the congressional reporter that there is a difference between an impeachment inquiry and an official impeachment, McCarthy asked the writer she was at all concerned about recent allegations GOP legislators have made concerning the President’s past actions, and if those potential concerns had led Amiri to pose questions to the White House.

Following a response of “yes,” the Republican asked Amiri if she thought that President Biden had lied by saying he had “never talked” to Hunter Biden about his “business dealings.” The Speaker asked her for a “yes or no” answer, but she replied only with a statement of “I can’t answer that.” It was at this point that a reporter standing behind McCarthy began laughing.

The lawmaker then referenced the testimony of Devon Archer and asked Amiri if she believed that the then-Vice President participated in business-related calls with his son. She acknowledged that Archer’s testimony indicated as much, but was unable to interrupt the Speaker’s rant.

The Rep. went on to remind Amiri of the additional allegations contained in Archer’s congressional statements and similarly asked her if she believed them as well. While she acknowledged that Archer’s testimony reflected the Speaker’s words, she asked if lying in and of itself was an “impeachable offense.”

The Republican responded by saying that the inquiry was designed to provide an answer to that question.

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