McCarthy Says ‘He’d Do It All Over Again’ If He Could

( – In his Dec. 14 farewell address from the House floor, former House Speaker and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, 58, stated he “would do it all again.”

He stated that if there was a “question of whether you should do what’s right out of fear of losing your job” you should “do it anyways.” He referred to making a decision to “pay our troops while war was breaking out, instead of shutting down,” a decision which cost him his role as House Speaker. McCarthy’s decision to put forth the bipartisan stopgap bill in September led Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz to put forth a “motion to vacate” vote. The vote passed in October, with eight Republicans and all Democrats voting to oust McCarthy from the role. McCarthy was voted into the role following 15 votes in January, making his speakership the third-shortest speakership in the history of the U.S.

McCarthy stated that although the eight Republicans and all Democrats disagreed with his decision, “Do it anyways,” adding, “I would do it all again.” He stated that he has “loved every single day” of his time in Congress and touted some of the accomplishments during his time as House Speaker.

During his farewell speech, McCarthy stated that the Republican party looks different than “it did five years ago.” He added, “We are winning in places you haven’t seen before,” stating he believes that the future looks brighter.

The speech comes after a party was held Dec. 13 for McCarthy at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington.

Though his 17-year tenure in Congress will not officially end until Dec. 31, the House adjourned Dec. 14 for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. McCarthy announced Dec. 6 that he was leaving Congress before the end of his term in 2024.

After he leaves Congress, McCarthy stated he would write a memoir and hit the speaking circuit, and there have been rumors that he’s eyeing a role in artificial intelligence.

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