Mayor Adams Says Migrant Crisis Could Overwhelm NYC and Needs More Aid from Biden

( – In August of 2022, the mayor of New York went to the city’s Port Authority to personally welcome a busload of illegal immigrants that the Texas governor had shipped there. After more than a year of nonstop bus arrivals, the city’s social services system has been left shattered and it appears that Eric Adams has begun to see the light.

The days of him saying he is “proud” of his state’s “Right to Shelter” policies appear gone. Adams’ tone has seemingly shifted 180 degrees and the mayor is now insisting that the city’s migrant influx will “destroy” his hometown. The politician’s desperation appears to be so acute that he has even begun to chastise the Biden administration.

While speaking to a group of New Yorkers at a town hall meeting recently, Adams hit the crowd with statistics and a dire set of warnings. Over 110,000 migrants have shown up on the doorstep of NYC over the last year, nearly all of which are completely reliant on social services for money, food and housing.

The mayor reminded the attendees of the statistics and called out the White House indirectly by saying the city has received “no support.” Adams said that what started out as a trickle of individuals from a small handful of Central American nations has swelled to a wave of people from as far away as Africa. He warned those present that the effects of what he called a “national crisis” will soon “come” to their neighborhoods.

Adams said New York is already suffering under the weight of “a $12 billion deficit” and cautioned that every single city service would “be impacted.” What many may interpret as his most dire warning came when Adams conveyed to the audience that he does not see a solution to the problem.

The Biden administration is reportedly considering taking legal action that would prohibit Texas from moving illegal migrants to other states.

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