Mayor Adams Believes ‘Outside Agitators’ Are Behind Violence at Columbia

( – Columbia University in New York City has been in crisis mode amidst protests supporting Palestine for nearly a week straight. Hundreds of students have camped outside the campus gates for 6 days in a row, which has gotten the full attention of officials from the city.

Mayor Eric Adams stated that most of the time, the protests seem to be peaceful. He attributed any disturbances or violence to agitators from the “outside”. Adams pledged additional resources to help manage the situation, focusing on campus security measures to ensure only students can access the campus premises.

These protests gained momentum after university authorities arrested over 100 students last Friday, April 19. Similar demonstrations are currently happening at campuses all around the US. The unrest has drawn criticism from both ends of the political spectrum, with Columbia President Minouche Shafik facing scrutiny for her handling of the situation. Barnard College suspended over 50 students for their participation in the protests, including Isra Hirsi, daughter of Representative Ilhan Omar.

The demonstrators’ demands range from opposition to American military support for Israel, advocating for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, and urging Columbia to divest from companies operating in Israel.

Despite criticism, many protesters remain at the demonstrations. They state they are committed to ending what they perceive as genocide and advocating for their colleges to cut ties to Israel. They reject claims of antisemitism, saying that their actions align with justice and solidarity. Some of the protestors are noted to be anti-Zionist Jewish participants.

The protests have also garnered significant political attention, with visits from political figures such as Governor Kathy Hochul and planned visits from Speaker Mike Johnson.

As tensions persist, Shafik issued a statement expressing sadness over the situation and calling for dialogue and compromise to address the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, while emphasizing the need to maintain integrity for both the school and the protestors.

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