Matthew Perry On How He Wanted To Be Remembered

( – On Saturday, October 28, Matthew Perry, known for playing as Chandler Bing on the TV show “Friends,” passed away at his Pacific Palisades residence at the age of 54.

His portrayal of Chandler in the series from 1994 to 2004 forever etched his name in the hearts of fans. He was known for his quick wit, sarcasm, and charm. Yet, his iconic role also concealed his struggle with addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers, originating from a doctor’s prescription of Vicodin after a jet ski accident.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer on “20/20” in 2022, Perry disclosed that he was once consuming more than 50 pills daily. All of the main “Friends” cast stood by him during this challenging period. In his 2022 memoir, Perry wrote that the co-stars from Friends always strived to help him feel better and influenced him to try to help others who struggle with addiction.

Perry recognized his unique platform, acknowledging that his association with “Friends” granted him a voice that people would listen to. Perry continued his battle for years, ultimately conquering his demons and dedicating his life to aiding those facing similar struggles. He expressed a profound commitment to assisting as many individuals as possible. His outreach extended to establishing a sober house to support others in their fight against addiction.

In a recent interview on “Good Morning America” in 2022 he said that whether he is helping 1 person or 100,000, he feels all the same, as if he changed a life. He said that is what drives him most in life.

In an interview on the “Q” podcast with Tom Power in 2022, Perry shared his desire for his legacy, expressing that if anybody ever came up to him wanting help, especially with addiction, he would instantly say yes. He hoped to be remembered not merely for “Friends” but for his unwavering commitment to helping others.

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