Many Republicans Are Against The Israel Aid Package

( – Republican representatives Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor Greene appear to believe that the United States should first worry about getting its own house in order before sending aid overseas, even if it’s slated to go to Israel. In language most would consider blunt, Massie took to Twitter on October 29 and said the U.S. simply could not “afford it.”

Greene’s posted diatribe on the same day was significantly lengthier than Massie’s, but said essentially the same thing. The United States has a “$33 trillion” debt obligation, she wrote. More than “10 million” illegal aliens have crossed “our border” during the Biden Presidency and America’s “tax dollars” should be spent serving “the American people,” Greene said.

The Georgia lawmaker further pointed out that “$3.8 billion dollars” had already been appropriated for the Israelis in the “Foreign Ops bill.” Excluding that $3.8 billion, the U.S. has given the Jewish State over $260 billion since the nation’s inception in 1948. Greene has also voiced her intention to vote against supplying Ukraine with additional funding.

Prior to saying the U.S. was unable to afford overseas expenditures, Massie had posted an interactive poll to his Twitter account. It asked readers if Congress should appropriate funds for the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel in joint fashion or separately, but it also gave them an option of “neither.” Out of almost 50,000 votes, over 63% of users said the nation should hang on to its money.

Following what took place in Israel on October 7, President Joe Biden petitioned Congress for $106 billion in aid. His proposal would split the sum between Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel, with the overwhelming majority going to Ukraine. Rep. Mike Johnson has indicated a desire to bifurcate the Israel-Ukraine funds into two separate packages.

Eleven GOP reps. and senators have thus far said they oppose a joint package, but are still willing to fund Israel independently.

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