Manchin Vows To Block Any Judicial Nominee Without GOP Support

( – West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has declared he will go against President Joe Biden’s endorsement of Adeel Mangi, the nominee for the Court of Appeals. In his statement, he explained his reasoning as he felt no nominees had Republican backing. He also underlined the importance of Democrats and Republicans agreeing on one nominee.

In an interview with Politico, Manchin, who will soon retire from the Senate, expressed frustration over the upcoming vote for Adeel Mangi. He insisted on bipartisanship and emphasized the need for at least one Republican to support the nominees. Manchin compared his opinion to a personal filibuster and suggested that he is fully dedicated to practicing what he preaches. He implied that if no nominee ends up getting Republican backing, he will not vote.

Manchin also reiterated this stance to CNN, once again emphasizing his commitment to bipartisanship and refusal to support nominees without bipartisan backing. He believes that the chosen nominee must represent the values of people from both parties.

Manchin’s bipartisan approach gives him more political flexibility, putting him in a position where he can work with either party, regardless of which affiliation a President in the White House has.

Manchin urged the Biden administration to make a bigger effort to secure GOP support for judicial nominees. He suggested they reach out to senators who have a more collaborative approach to their politics. Biden’s judicial nominees occasionally get support from Republicans like Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Lindsey Graham.

Manchin’s opposition would delay Mangi getting the position, especially since he’s not alone in his stance. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada also opposes his nomination. Critics have also raised concerns about Mangi’s past involvement with an organization associated with extremism and possible antisemitism.

The senator stressed the importance of both parties working together in the nomination process, especially when considering highly qualified candidates. This ensures that whoever nabs the nomination can have a broad appeal.

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