Manchin Says He’d Pick Romney as His Running Mate

( – On Thursday, February 15, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia hinted at the possibility of launching a presidential bid. He talked about running mates he might pick, specifically mentioning Republican senators Mitt Romney from Utah and Rob Portman from Ohio. This appearance at a City Club of Cleveland breakfast was a part of his nationwide “listening tour,” during which Manchin criticized Biden multiple times. The tour has also fueled speculation about Manchin’s potential independent or third-party presidential campaign.

The CEO of City Club, Dan Moulthrop, was very intent on finding out Manchin’s 2024 intentions. Manchin dodged these questions and instead emphasized his focus on getting people involved. After the event, however, he told reporters that there’s a chance he might go for the White House and heavily implied that he might be considering a third-party run.

Manchin indicated that he will be keeping all options on the table. He mentioned evaluating his standing by Super Tuesday on March 5, meaning he will most likely make his decision by that point.

During the event at the City Club, attended by nearly 200 people from both parties, Manchin also criticized Biden for moving very far to the left while also expressing disagreement with the president’s border security policies. The bipartisan audience included people like Rob Frost, a prominent Republican from Ohio, and Councilman of Cleveland Danny Kelly, a Democrat.

After the event, Manchin had a private meeting with Albert Ratner, a real estate mogul and political donor in Cleveland. The meeting implies Ratner might be a donor for his campaign. Heather Manchin, the senator’s daughter, has established a group called Americans Together, possibly serving as a platform for campaign preparations.

The senator’s visit to Cleveland was part of a series of appearances, including a visit to Columbus, Ohio, on the same day. He will also be making an appearance at the Detroit Economic Club on February 26.

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