Manchin Does Not Rule Out Third-Party Race Decision

( – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) isn’t denying a potential third-party bid for the presidency, but suggested the field needs to resolve a bit more before any decisions can be made. Manchin cited Super Tuesday, March 5th, as the typical point by which the nominees become obvious and any discussion of a third-party bid would have to wait until thereafter.

Speaking with “Fox News Sunday,” Manchin suggested that “a lot can change” in the following weeks as we continue with the primary season. He added that he wouldn’t run to simply spoil the chances of one of the major candidates, suggesting that he would aim to win should he enter the race.

Manchin said that he would never vote for former President Donald Trump while speaking with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” citing too much love of country without explaining how voting for Trump suggested otherwise.

He said he wanted to ensure people “have a choice.” He reiterated that he was curious what will happen between now and Super Tuesday, and suggested that he will be assessing whether or not there’s enough popular support to warrant a third party bid.

Manchin suggested voters like to have options and are tired of the old party politics. He further suggested he would support a common-sense candidate who could appeal to both Democrats and Republicans and would go to any lengths to help save the country.

Manchin suggested that governing as an extreme politician wasn’t possible and that the country was imperiled by the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle.

Manchin recently spent time touring around New Hampshire in what he billed as a part of his national listening tour. He hoped to push Biden more toward a centrist policy position, especially with regard to the southern border. Manchin called the situation a crisis and suggested it was the single greatest threat to American safety and security. He said that he believed “very strongly” that the ongoing illegal crossings have to be stopped immediately.

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