Man Behind Viral Dress Photo Pleads Guilty to Strangling His Wife

( – Keir Johnston, the person behind the viral dress photo from some years ago, has admitted in court to strangling his wife.

Appearing at the High Court in Glasgow, the 38-year-old from a small Scottish island acknowledged his role in a “terrifying” assault on his wife, Grace Johnston.

Johnston gained global attention when a picture of his mother-in-law’s dress, taken during his wedding in 2015, sparked a viral debate over its color. The controversy, whether it was black and blue or white and gold, captivated millions and even attracted attention from celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres, who featured the Johnstons on her talk show. His viral dress photo was talked about on Twitter for weeks.

However, it seems that behind the scenes, Johnston’s domestic violence history cast a darker shadow over the lighthearted picture. Apparently, his wife Grace lived in constant fear of him, feeling trapped due to the lack of a permanent police presence on the small Scottish island where they are both from.

Chris Macintosh, the prosecutor, recounted multiple instances where Johnston violently restrained Grace, causing her to fear for her life. Despite suffering severe bruising, Grace did not seek medical help. Johnston’s lawyers did acknowledge that he is guilty and on multiple occasions did lay his hands on his wife. Judge Drummond, who is presiding over the case, emphasized the severity of his actions and denied him bail.

The court also learned about an instance where Grace defied Johnston’s demands not to attend a job interview on the mainland. After that, they got into a physical fight. Johnston threw her to the ground, strangled her, and pinned her arms down against the ground, not letting her move.

The couple’s current relationship status remains uncertain following the incident, leaving questions about their future together if he is charged. Johnston’s sentencing is scheduled for June 6.

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