Majewski Suspends Campaign Following Controversial Remarks

( – On Saturday, March 2, JR Majewski withdrew from the GOP primary for a congressional seat in Ohio. This decision, made just two weeks ahead of the March 19 primary in the state, is seen as a relief for House Republican leaders who were working behind the scenes to encourage him to exit the race. This was because of concerns that he might not fare well against Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat, in the general election.

Majewski faced a significant defeat against Kaptur after reports suggested he had falsely claimed to have served in combat in Afghanistan. This setback disappointed House Republicans who initially considered the district a prime opportunity for a pickup in 2022. Despite these obstacles, Majewski attempted to return in 2023, withdrawing from the race for a short while before returning, claiming his mother’s health as the cause for leaving the race.

Last month, Majewski ignited more controversy when he made derogatory comments about Special Olympics athletes during a podcast appearance. Concerned that these remarks could harm his chances in a general election, he expressed the possibility of leaving the race.

However, Majewski then released another statement on Twitter, announcing the suspension of his campaign, stating that although he believed he would win, he was opting to withdraw.

For months, party strategists, including Speaker Mike Johnson and House GOP chief Richard Hudson, had been actively working to discourage Majewski from running. They highlighted his controversial comments to former President Donald Trump during a Presidents Day meeting at Mar-a-Lago, seeking assistance to lessen Majewski’s impact on the district. Majewski confirmed his communication with Trump’s team, though the extent of their involvement in his decision to exit remains unclear.

Majewski’s departure follows the airing of commercials by the Ohio Truth PAC, accusing him of “stolen valor,” a term referring to someone lying about service in the military. National Republicans welcomed Majewski’s decision as a move toward protecting their House majority.

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