Maine Starts To Pay Rent for Migrants

( – Amidst the ongoing border crisis that is happening in the US, the state of Maine has taken a controversial approach by spending nearly $3.6 million to cover rent for illegal immigrants in Brunswick, a town in coastal Maine. The funds have been used to provide housing in five new buildings, all set to be available by February.

The Emergency Housing Relief Fund funded the construction, covering rent payments for up to two years while the illegal families try to find work. The allocation also includes costs for beds and service coordination to support the families. Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS) has also used $100,000 from the fund to assist illegal immigrants in Portland, Brunswick, and Lewiston with filing asylum and work permit applications.

The Emergency Housing Relief Fund Program, initiated in April 2022 with a budget of $22 million, has grown to $55 million following additions to the budget in 2023. The fund then transformed a South Portland property with 52 apartments into a housing facility for illegal immigrants in 2023, and as aforementioned, offering rent payment support for up to two years until they navigate the system.

Part of the 2024 budget for the emergency fund, totaling $250,000, has also been allocated to the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project in the Portland area. This grant aims to support over 1,000 illegal immigrants, which also expands legal assistance to illegals seeking asylum.

The border crisis, made worse by the inconsistencies from the Biden administration, has compelled states like Maine to adapt to the increasing number of illegal immigrants. The surge has prompted various states to address the influx. As the border crisis and inflation contribute to President Biden’s declining approval ratings, a December poll indicated that a significant majority of voters, including Democrats, believe new restrictions should be imposed to curb the influx of undocumented immigrants. Immigration ranks among the top concerns for voters, following price increases and inflation.

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