MAGA Truckers Say They’ll Refuse Service To NYC After Trump Verdict

( – Truckers who support former President Donald Trump have announced an intention to avoid transporting freight into NYC. One man who goes by the handle “Chicago Ray” on X (formerly Twitter) posted a short video to the platform on February 16 wherein he described conversations he was having with “at least 10 truckers” who felt that the verdict against Trump in his civil fraud case was the last straw.

The now-deleted post suggested that truckers as a profession were “95%” Trump supporters and his expectation that the verdict will be overturned on appeal. He joked that it was “f***ing hard” to get a tractor trailer around in the city.

Ray also said he was “tired” of the political left’s obsession with Trump. He added that truckers can opt which loads they’ll haul.

Ray added that he doesn’t “wish nothing on nobody” while suggesting the sentiments expressed by a majority of truckers are real. Over the weekend the post got over 5 million views and had 54K likes. Other truckers chimed in on the thread and echoed Ray’s sentiments.

The case against Donald Trump spearheaded by New York Attorney General Letitia James has been heavily criticized as being a political sham. Trump was convicted of overvaluing his real estate holdings to secure loans for additional purchases and structural improvements. He had multiple expert witnesses testify in his defense, suggesting that the income potential of the properties arguably made them worth more than the estimates suggested on paper.

James’ case against him has no victims in the matter; Deutsche Bank representatives testified for the defense suggesting they all made money as a consequence of the loan deals and that the loans were all repaid with interest, some at an accelerated schedule versus what had been agreed upon.

Judge Arthur Engoron has been accused of being a partisan actor. He’s a lifelong Democrat who ruled in James’ favor for virtually the entire trial. There was also no jury and Engoron suggested Trump was guilty before the trial even began.

Whether truckers will stop shipping freight to the Big Apple or if Trump’s conviction will be overturned on appeal remains to be seen.

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