Letitia James’ Key Argument Falls Flat

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Jesse Binnall, an attorney representing former President Donald Trump, spoke with News outlets on Monday, November 6, and challenged the key argument put forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James regarding Trump’s alleged bank fraud.

In Trump’s civil fraud case in New York, Binnall emphasized the critical fact that no banks involved in the matter have claimed to be victims of fraud. Binnall asserted that Trump and his organization consistently adhered to proper conduct, and the banks that received their statements acted in accordance with their own protocols. They conducted their valuations independently, a process that hinges on determining a price agreeable to both a willing buyer and a willing seller. Binnall stressed the significance of expert testimony in this case.

After his recent testimony, Trump described the case as a “scam” that should never have been initiated. He firmly stated that it should be dismissed immediately, alleging that the real fraud lay with the court itself. Trump took the opportunity to draw attention to a recent New York Times / Siena survey, indicating his lead over President Joe Biden in key battleground states. His legal team also referenced these poll numbers in court.

One of the most concerning aspects of the case, according to Binnall, is the apparent bias of the judge towards the defendant.

Binnall lamented that this case could entirely upend the rule of law in the US, which has historically upheld the principle that anyone who enters a courtroom should receive fair and impartial justice. He expressed that regardless of political affiliation, most individuals find the current legal process to be unfair.

Binnall also stated his opinion that the judge of the case, Justice Arthur F. Engoron, already made up his mind and went on to say that the true casualty in this situation is the rule of law in America.

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