Letitia James Goes To Battle Against Greg Abbott

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Infamous New York Attorney General Letitia James is spearheading an effort including 13 other Democratic attorneys general to encourage Biden’s DOJ to engage in more lawfare against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after he pardoned a man who shot and killed Garrett Foster during a 2020 BLM protest.

Daniel Perry and Foster were both veterans of the military and armed at the time. Foster had approached Perry’s vehicle while holding a semi-automatic rifle. Perry claimed he feared for his life as Foster approached and said Foster pointed his weapon as if to fire. Perry fired at Foster and drove away. Some witnesses suggested Foster never raised his weapon. Both were legally armed at the time.

Perry was slapped with 25 years. Comments he made about the protests after George Floyd died of an overdose were characterized as racist by the corporate press, whether or not that’s accurate or misleading is up to the perspicacious reader.

Abbott sought and received a pardon recommendation from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and signed a full pardon which incited leftist backlash. Citing Texas’s incredibly strong “Stand Your Ground” law, Abbott said progressive district attorneys can ignore it, but that doesn’t mean they can nullify it.

James and her flunkies wrote to Garland to request a review to see if Perry violated federal laws. The letter suggested that “Stand Your Ground” laws invite vigilantism and suggested that Perry’s actions were intentional. It also highlights that while Texas law exists, it doesn’t preclude a federal civil rights violation if Perry had racial reasons for attending the protest.

The letter claims Garrett was exercising his rights when he was killed. Curiously James cites “civil rights” concerns and claims the state had failed to protect individual liberties necessitating federal authority. That is the precise claim many have made during her prosecution of former President Donald Trump for “overestimating” the value of his real estate holdings.

One could suggest a pattern of Democrats invoking the law for political purposes, especially after the second New York conviction this week in what many legal observers are calling a sham trial.

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