Lawyer Says 10 More Ex-Boeing Workers Are Ready To Come Out With ‘Serious’ Issues

( – Ten more Boeing whistleblowers are prepared to come forward according to lawyer Brian Knowles after two of his former clients died suddenly during preparations to testify against the aerospace giant.

John Barnett was found dead with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his car. Authorities have ruled the death a suicide and claimed there was no evidence of foul play. Within two months another whistleblower, Joshua Dean, died suddenly after contracting a nasty case of influenza with a concomitant MRSA infection. His aunt reported the details by sharing a post from his mother who also indicated Dean suffered a stroke as well.

Despite the bizarre timing of the deaths, media and police have been quick to suggest that there’s nothing odd going on.

Knowles told members of the press that his other clients remain steadfast in their resolve to come forward and testify against their former employer over claims the company cut corners putting the safety of airline passengers at risk and then worked to conceal the improper behavior.

Knowles added that they’re list of clients is growing; in addition to the ten people he’s currently working with, there are more that he’s talking to about potentially coming forward. He suggested that everyone he’s spoken with had made internal complaints as well as reports to the relevant authorities. He called them brave.

Santiago Paredes is one of the whistleblowers; he came forward in early May with allegations that supervisors pressured him to downplay or ignore issues he found while inspecting the fuselages of newly built planes for Spirit AeroSystems. The company works closely with Boeing.

Knowles is refusing to speculate about the deaths of his former clients, but suggested authorities were still scrutinizing Barnett’s death and noted Dean’s body underwent an autopsy. He called their deaths “tragic” and highlighted the bravery of whistleblowers. He added that despite their loss, the remaining whistleblowers are even more inspired to come forward.

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