Lawmakers Warned About D.C. Crime

( – Lawmakers and their staff have been issued stern warnings to exercise caution as crime rates continue to climb in Washington, DC.

Representative Bryan Steil, Chair of the House Administration Committee, spoke after an informational security briefing, emphasizing the shift in perspective regarding personal safety following encounters with crime.

There has been a huge rise in homicides, car thefts, and other criminal activities. Instances such as a staffer for Senator Rand Paul being stabbed in March and Representative Angie Craig being assaulted in her DC apartment building in February have raised concerns for all lawmakers and politicians.

Steil said the warning was issued so that lawmakers can prevent themselves from falling victim to crime and to have them exercise caution. He also recounted a personal experience from his time as a Capitol Hill staffer in 2004 when he and his friends were robbed at gunpoint on his front porch while barbecuing.

The topic of crime in DC has gained prominence since Republicans regained control of the House, asserting their intention to oversee the city’s Council.

House and Senate Democrats have recently joined forces to oppose a city bill that aimed to amend DC’s criminal code while reducing maximum penalties for certain severe crimes, such as armed carjackings. President Joe Biden supported this resolution, marking the first time in over 30 years that a resolution to overturn a district law has passed.

A local measure to revamp the city’s police department oversight was also rejected by both chambers, but Biden vetoed this resolution.

D.C. Police Union Chairman Greggory Pemberton addressed lawmakers and congressional staff, countering claims that crime is on the decline or not as severe as in the 1990s. He emphasized that accepting rising crime rates simply because they were worse in the past is an unreasonable argument.

No democrats were present at the meeting, indicating a political divide regarding the topic of crime in DC.

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