Lauren Boebert’s Excuse For Theater Fondling

( – The Colorado representative who campaigned with a Glock on her leg has apologized for her behavior during a date night in Denver in which she was filmed vaping indoors, fondling and being fondled, being generally loud in a reserved setting and flipping off theater staff on her way out of the building following her ejection.

Video of Boebert’s conduct during and after a September 10 musical performance of Beetlejuice went viral the moment it was released. Negative headlines hit the screens of voters around the nation and the dam broke after only a few days. Whether it was for political or personal reasons, Boebert issued an apology.

If you have yet to see the footage in question, you can find it here. Opinions aside, it is unlikely that anyone on either side of the aisle would view her behavior as anything but teenage-like and arrogant. Boebert’s constituency will decide for themselves in her next election.

Included in Boebert’s theater meltdown was her date. Once Quin Gallagher’s face hit the airwaves, Boebert’s intentions, affiliations and sincerity were instantly called into question for many. The self-professed conservative had gone out with who is reported to be the Democrat co-owner of a gay-friendly bar that hosts drag shows.

It is not clear how long the pair have been together, if at all, but once Gallagher’s political leanings were made public, Boebert appeared to suggest that their interaction was very brief. She told a photographer that confronted her about it on September 18 that “all future” dates with him are “canceled.” She added that she plans on checking “party affiliations” of potential suitors “before” going out with them in the future.

Prior to the official apology that Boebert made on September 10, she had denied vaping in the middle of the Denver audience. The lawmaker blamed the statement on a faulty memory and later said that she had fallen “short of” her conservative “values.”

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