Larry Elder Ends Presidential Campaign And Endorses Trump

( – Republican presidential candidate and conservative radio host Larry Elder has announced he is suspending his presidential run and is now endorsing former President Trump as the nominee for the GOP.

In his statement concluding his campaign, Elder explained that he made the decision after “careful consideration” with his team.

Elder had previously run for the position of California governor in the 2021 recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom, which he lost. In early 2022, he decided not to challenge the incumbent governor.

After leaving “The Larry Elder Show”, his long-time radio series last year, he created a political action committee to support Republican candidates on both federal and state levels.

Elder entered the GOP primary with a bid in April, saying it was his patriotic and moral duty to the US. Even though in the summer he was optimistic about participating in the GOP’s first presidential primary debate, Elder fell short of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) criteria for polling and donor support, which were required for participation.

Elder and Perry Johnson, another presidential hopeful, announced plans to sue the RNC for not allowing their presence on the debate stage. In September, when the polling and donor thresholds were raised even higher, Elder was unable to secure a spot in the second debate stage, which most likely led to his campaign’s decision to throw in the towel.

Throughout the six months of his White House campaign, Elder faced challenges in gaining traction among his GOP competitors in the polls. FiveThirtyEight’s polling average tracker does not categorize Elder as a “major” candidate, and he has not been included in Morning Consult’s regular assessments of the GOP field.

Elder withdrawing from the presidential race narrows the field of Republican candidates who are trying to beat former President Trump, who, even when not appearing at any debates, is still leading the polls.

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