Lake: Homeless Vets Need Shelter Over Migrants

( – Kari Lake, a Republican Senate candidate from Arizona, said to news outlets on Monday, November 13, that priority for urgent shelter and homes, that US veterans should come first, not illegal migrants.

In response to a Daily Mail report regarding migrants returning to Venezuela due to the challenging conditions in Chicago shelters, Lake conveyed on “Eric Bolling The Balance” that homeless veterans prefer proper shelter to living in tents.

On top of that, approximately 472,000 migrants, mostly Venezuelans, who arrived on or before July 31 are now eligible for an 18-month Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States, which gives them shelter and job opportunities. This adds to the 240,000 Venezuelans already granted TPS through a 2021 designation that was renewed last year.

While addressing the issue, Lake also pointed out the influx of drugs across the border, emphasizing the detrimental impact of drug addiction on millions of lives. She highlighted the urgent need to address this situation by closing the border and redirecting attention to the well-being of Americans living in tents, asserting the necessity to prioritize our citizens over external concerns.

Lake further stressed the need to take action against Mexican drug cartels and the Chinese Communist Party, blaming the inflow of the deadly drug fentanyl on Mexico. The Arizona Senate candidate underscored the importance of curbing the influence of these entities to safeguard the well-being of the American population.

Shortly after Lake’s comments, China reportedly agreed to take strict measures against companies involved in exporting chemicals crucial to produce fentanyl. This agreement is anticipated to be fully formalized during the upcoming meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping scheduled for this week in San Francisco.

The fentanyl crisis in the US is, when it comes to drug overdoses, the leading cause of death. Others have pointed out that while US veterans struggle with homelessness, they suffer from drug abuse as well, which leads to some of them overdosing on fentanyl.

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