Kia Recalls Over 427,000 Telluride SUVs

( – Affordable automobile manufacturer Kia is recalling over 427,000 Telluride SUVs after it was discovered that some of the vehicles had a problem with their drive shaft and parking brake. The problem could cause vehicles parked on an incline to roll.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a report indicating that some 2020-2024 Tellurides have a problem with the right front driveshaft and intermediate shaft. Overtime, this situation can worsen, leading to the failure of the parking brake, risking accidents or injury.

The problem was the result of improper manufacture during vehicle construction. As a result, Kia is recalling all 2020-2023 Tellurides and some 2024s. The company believes less than 1% of the recalled vehicles will require a fix.

The fix includes a software update and some replacement parts for affected vehicles, which Kia is performing for free. Additionally, any repairs related to the problem that the customer paid for out of pocket will be reimbursed.

Drivers with vehicles covered in the recall are advised to engage their emergency brake while parking to avoid any potential for an accident until they can get it into the dealer for an inspection. Drivers are also invited to look up their vehicle on Kia’s recall website, or on the NHTSA portal to see if it’s covered by the recall.

Owners will also receive letters in the mail which are going out May 15 and dealers will be notified a few days prior.

Kia isn’t the only manufacturer issuing automotive recalls, the NHTSA also issued recalls for Subaru Outbacks and Legacy vehicles due to a problem with the airbags deploying during an accident.

Kawasaki is recalling just under 1,600 of its motorcycles due to a spark plug problem which can result in unstable idling and engine stalls. The problem is specific to 2023-2024 Kawasaki ZX400 P and S models.

BMW is also recalling 1,600 of their motorcycle side cases due to a problem with the latch which connects it to the bike. The problem could cause the side case to fall off during operation, creating a hazard. That part’s name is BMW Acc. Side Case R 1300 GS 9999.

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