Kia, Honda, Toyota, Ford Among 687,000 Vehicles Recalled

( – The National Highway Transportation Administration is responsible for several recalls in early June, including 462,869 Kia Tellurides that have a tendency to become engulfed in flames while driving or even when parked and left running.

Kia reported problems with the front seat motor overheating due to a problem with the seat sliding knob getting stuck on. This over stresses the motor which can catch on fire if it continues for too long. The company is advising customers to park outside and far from any potential fire hazards until repairs are completed. The company will repair the problem free of charge, but recall letters won’t be sent out until July 30 leaving many consumers at risk of being uninformed of the problem. These include all 2020-2024 Kia Tellurides.

Honda is also recalling 114,686 of their vehicles including 2018-20 Fit and the 2019-22 HR-V previously recalled under recall #23V-046. The rearview camera could fail to properly display the view behind the vehicle when the vehicle is turned on manually using a key. There’s a problem with the audio display circuitry causing a short which disables the camera feed to the monitor.

Ford Mustangs are also being recalled, but only 8,161 of the 2024 model. Ford reported a problem with the clutch line being improperly secured and coming into direct contact with hot exhaust piping. This can melt the clutch pressure line and eventually leak hydraulic fluid from the brakes. The problem can trigger a loss of power to the drive train enhancing the probability of a crash. Ford will repair all affected vehicles free of charge.

Toyota has issued a recall for 102,092 of its fleet of 2022-23 Tundras and Lexus LX600s. The impacted vehicles have a V35A engine. Toyota reported a problem with debris from the manufacturing process contaminating the engine ultimately causing the failure of the main bearings. The result is stalled vehicles and loss of power to the drive train. There isn’t a fix currently, but the company said they’re working on it.

Anyone concerned their vehicle may have been recalled can check this database.

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