Kate Middleton Photoshop Theory Explained

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day portrait has spun up a storm of viral theories that the picture was edited with photoshop. One woman’s theory that she used a 2016 Vogue cover image quickly circulated earning tens of millions of impressions on X (formerly Twitter).

The Princess of Wales issued a public apology over digitally editing the image. She did not intend to cause a controversy nor specify precisely how the image was altered.

A social media writer with The Daily Mirror published a post wherein she compared the Mother’s Day shot with a previous image used on the cover of Vogue in 2016. She thought there were enough similarities to suggest that Middleton’s face was clipped from the older image. The post earned 41 million impressions.

Ruby Naldrett’s post also used a video fade to compare the images, and shared them all online. Users pointed out that Middleton is likely to appear similar in both images due to her being the same woman.

Digital writer with the i, Luke Bailey, explained that a fade was the worst way to “prove” the images were photoshopped, as the technology will make two images seem more similar than they are. He specifically highlighted that a fade was the worst way to compare images. He also focused on details by zooming in on the picture to show where their differences were.

Bailey showed that the Mother’s Day image had a softer focus, and drew attention to Middleton’s eyebrows and the corners of her mouth. There were noticeable differences between those key aspects of the photographs when they were scrutinized at a higher magnification.

Some other digital image experts suggested that the camera could have also used a multiple-image mode and artificial intelligence to combine several snaps into one final product. Without the original images, it’s impossible to know just what was photoshopped.

Fans of the royals eagerly await Middleton’s return to royal duties as princess, that is still months away, if the current timeline is maintained.

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