Judge Rejects Trump’s Bid to Postpone Enforcement of Civil Fraud Penalites

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Former President Donald Trump’s request to delay the penalties of his civil fraud case has been dismissed by the overseeing judge.

Last week, Trump was ordered to pay a $455 million fine along with interest and faced a a ban for three-years from leading any New York company. Both of his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr, were fined a separate $4 million and were also barred from leading NY companies for two years.

The judge, Arthur Engoron, rejected the plea for at least a one-month delay in enforcing the penalties. He said that there was a lack of justification provided by the defense.

The reason a delay was requested was that the defense did not agree with the judgement order, which is the document that officially marks the beginning of the penalty phase. New York Attorney General Letitia James’ legal team submitted a draft judgment, drawing criticism from Clifford Robert, defense lawyer for Donald Trump. He contended that denying the defense the opportunity to propose a counter-judgment would be a violation of fundamental fairness and due process.

In response, Judge Engoron asked Robert to specify the differences between the defense’s judgment and the proposed order. Robert argued that the attorney general’s judgment deviated from standard practice and contained at least two errors. He claimed that the rush to finalize a judgment violated court laws.

Highlighting the significance of the penalties, Robert requested a 30-day stay of enforcement if the judge chose to sign the attorney general’s proposed judgment. He stated that such a delay would allow for a proper post-judgment process without prejudicing the attorney general.

State attorney Andrew Amer, on the other hand, disagreed with the motion, claiming that Robert had not provided enough reasons for a further delay. Amer emphasized that Engoron’s prior decision had left no room for further debate on the judgment.

The case involves allegations that Trump inflated his net worth to secure expensive loans, a claim vehemently denied by the former president, who has expressed his intention to appeal the ruling.

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