Ivanka’s Role In Her Father’s Golf Courses Raises Questions

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Ivanka Trump will be providing testimony at a civil trial in New York regarding her father Donald Trump’s assets. Her testimony, according to the case, only raises questions regarding her role in Trumps golf courses.

New York Attorney General Letitia James claimed that Donald Trump lied about the value of his assets by millions of dollars. She asserts Trump should pay a $250 million fine and be banned from conducting business in New York. The former president said that he is innocent and denied any wrongdoing.

Ivanka Trump was initially a defendant when the case first opened, but because of the statute of limitations, she was taken off the case. Nonetheless, Judge Arthur Engoron recently ruled that she must still provide testimony.

A recent report has raised questions about Ivanka Trump’s role in the promotion of Donald Trump’s real estate, especially regarding conflicting information about the properties themselves. During the meeting, Ivanka Trump discussed the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort in Florida, a property involved in the New York lawsuit. Some of her statements were at odds with available information.

The Trumps challenged Forbes’ valuation of Doral at $225 million before debt, asserting it would make $75 million that year when it actually earned $13 million. Ivanka Trump also mentioned the resort’s meeting space, claiming it had over 150,000 square feet, while the Trump Organization’s materials stated it was only a little over 90,000 square feet. Additionally, she cited an estimated value of the property at around $1 billion, which most found misleading.

Forbes reported that Ivanka Trump’s comments misrepresented the property’s debt and interest rates, as the actual rate was higher as per LIBOR – a method of calculating interest rates.

Ivanka Trump’s attorney and the Trump Organization have not yet responded to any inquiries from news outlets. The trial will provide a platform to examine these matters closely, with Ivanka Trump’s testimony anticipated to be a significant insight into the truth behind the values of the properties.

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