Israel’s UN Ambassador Warns Of US Terrorism

( – Four days after Karine Jean-Pierre announced the Biden administration’s plan to counter what they say is an increase in nationwide anti-Muslim sentiment and “Islamophobia,” Israel’s United Nations ambassador told CNN that American Jews were themselves “on the” edge “of a catastrophe.”On November 5, Gilad Erdan explained to Dana Bash that the recent atrocities visited on Israeli Jews by Hamas could soon make their way to the United States.

Erdan cited the sharp uptick in what he said was stateside antisemitism and said that the “Jewish community” in North America could be the subject of “a terror attack” at “any moment.” He called the latest developments “shocking” and said “the situation” is exacerbated by the “thousands of people” who are taking to the streets to chant anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slogans.”

The ambassador said protestors are openly shouting phrases like “death to Israel” and “death to” all of “the Jews.” In addition to what he said were the organized protests in major cities, Erdan told Bash that “Jewish students” from “all across the” nation were being targeted by their fellow students and professors on a host of university campuses.

The representative of the Israeli government chided what he said was silence on the part of college administrations in the face of allegations of campus-wide instances of antisemitism. “Presidents of universities” have declined to “even condemn the” events of October 7, he asserted.

Erdan opined to his CNN host that it was “already too late” for words. “We expect” university administrators to take action, he said. The official told Bash that the heads of academic institutions were obligated “to expel students” and “fire professors” who were engaging in and promoting “antisemitic” behavior.

About two weeks before Erdan’s comments, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a statewide deactivation of all the chapters of what his office said was a pro-Hamas student group. Officials in the state alleged that the group had broken terrorism laws.

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